Baja Rally Endurance Chain Slider Red
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  • New Baja Endurance composite front chain slider for the Beta motorcycles.
  • Precision made by TMD with our exclusive oil additive low friction chain material.
  • Race tested with our rear plate tab that keeps the chain in line and reduces loose chain problems on suspension.
  • Comes with our noise dampening pads and testing has shown this to be an improvement over stock.
  • Material will last considerably longer than inexpensive stock slider. Uses stock hardware
  • All Dual sport models can use or remove the chain guard bolted on top of swingarm.
  • Available in red or black colors to style your ride. UV protected against color fade and aging.
  • In stock now installs without removing anything but stock slider. Remove countershaft for easiest install..


          BETA Motorcycles 10-16 All RR, RS, & X-Trainer

  • Item #: Beta-253

Baja Rally Endurance Chain Slider Red

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