High Density Handlebar Cones
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High Density Handlebar Cones


Have you ever noticed how your bars flex and mis-align rather easily? Scotts now offers a set of high density replacement cones made from Sanaprene thermal plastic elastomer. These act and feel like rubber but are far superior. They replace the stock rubber cones that allow your handlebars to flex and even appear to be bent. Scotts replacement cones incorporate an injection molded aluminum top washer, which eliminates all the top-hat washers that come with your stock units. Made for most bikes that use rubber mounted perches. These replacements are 30% more dense so they still allow good vibration absorption but won't allow the mis-alignment and "over-flexing" found with the stock units.

Fits all models with rubber mounted handlebars

  • Item #: 97-1009

High Density Handlebar Cones

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