Ohlin TTX Fork by Boano Racing
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This product is born after a long period of testing both in training and in competition. They are the same forks brought in competition from Philippaerts and Mori in the Enduro World Championship. Assembled by hand one by one in our racing department with the possibility to customize them according to the weight of the rider. Use SKF seals and dust seal high smoothness. The sheaths are Alu 7075 with anodizing titanium. The TTX cartridge has fitted inside an exclusive Boano with many particulars different than the STD. Compatible with stud, spacers and caliper bracket originals. The best fork your Beta RR!

Please enter your riding weight without gear in the comments section so we can supply the correct spring.

Please allow approximately 10 days for delivery

  • Item #: OBFF48MM

Ohlin TTX Fork by Boano Racing

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