Made in the USA by Giant Loop.
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 Diablo Tank Bag STANDARD™ (4 liters)  is the updated version of Giant Loop’s trail tested slim, trim, minimalist design. It’s the tank bag solution for sport, dirt, endure, adventure and dual sport motorcycle riders who think they “don’t like tank bags”.


The shorter cousin of Giant Loop’s popular Fandango Tank Bag STANDARD, this little devil uses the same Fandango harness for mounting on both metallic and non-metallic fuel tanks or cowls/shrouds.

Easily access fuel fill by simply unzipping either side of tank bag from the harness, or completely remove bag leaving harness on bike, adjusted and ready to go. Concave tank bag front allows vent hoses to breath.

Two 2-liter Pannier Pockets also can be added to the Diablo Tank Bag’s harness and attach to tank, shrouds or engine guards.

  • Item #: DTB-14W

Tank Bag

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